What Are The Components That Make Apple The Most Valuable Brand?

It’s been years since the mega brand Apple has been a leader when it comes to the most successful companies all around the world. From launching new and advanced products to increasing their business skills, Apple has created a valuable space for itself in the market. Not only this, Apple also offers mind-blowing job opportunities to the well-skilled individuals with lucrative packages. Their marketing and execution skills are such that it always succeeds to be a step ahead of all its counterparts.  

After understanding and accepting this fact, there are many questions that hover on our mind every day. Such questions include- What makes Apple so desirable and perfect? How does Apple manage to keep its status intact? Why do people impatiently look forward to the next release and launch by Apple? Who, after all, has never wondered all these things in mind?  

Let’s understand and scrutinize some of the main features that allow Apple to be the strongest brand amongst all other today.  

Contribution of Steve Jobs:  

When we talk of Apple, the first thing or person that comes in our mind is the great- Steve Jobs. This person, co-founder of Apple, became as popular as the brand. During his time, he introduced different leading aspects and features of Apple that simply ruled the minds and hearts of Apple fans. His innovative ideas showed great path of success to the company. He was not only popular for having outstanding products manufactured, but was also known for his impeccable marketing skills. Even after his demise, the company seems to be doing great and promises to perform even better with each passing year. 

Different products for different utility: 

Post its inception in the late 1970s, Apple has launched several different and stylish products for their consumers. This company began functioning slowly in the initial phase, however picked a great speed in performance and growth by introducing the Apple II series. This series comprised of personal computers, Mac and then iPod, iPhone as well as iPad. Today, with every new release of the iPhone and iPad, the crowd goes crazy to own and use them. More than anything, Apple has become a style statement. No other brand in the industry has been able to achieve this victory. 

Constant changes and innovations in the business plan: 

When we talk about Apple’s success, one major reason that strikes us immediately is its dynamic and flexible business plan. Steve Jobs ensured to research and study the market well to be sure of precisely what the audience want and when. This company started as a simple and understated organisation as any other; however he was sure of the heights he wanted it to climb. Earlier, Apple was sticking to just a few products. With time they realised that they need to introduce some more if they had to achieve their desired goals. This is why had to change their business plans to launch many new and different products in the market. Final Cut Pro, MP3 players, iPhones, and iPads; say it and they flooded the market with such incredible products. 

How introducing Apple’s own retail store helped: 

Yes, there was a time when Apple did not have its own retail store. It’s hard to believe, but that’s true. With time, Apple management realised that they are not able to achieve their targets with just having small Apple outlets in different sections of a mall, showrooms or normal mobile shops. This is when they decided to open exclusive Apple retail stores. The formation of these stores turned out to be really helpful for Apple. This decision of starting its own retail store has immensely pushed the company ahead of others in the industry. 

Job opportunities by Apple: 

App developers, engineers, accountants, HR executives, and more; Apple opened great opportunities for those who were seeking jobs in almost every team. With the growing business needs and demands, a lot of job opportunities flooded in the world- especially in Asia as well as Africa. Not only this, employees from different fields like music, arts, and history were also hired so that different perspectives could be understood.  

Keeping in mind all these launches and great innovations, it is difficult to imagine why Apple wouldn’t have been as successful and famous as it is at the moment. If you wish to know more about Apple, visit https://justgoodbites.com and read through all its recent launches, innovations, and reviews. 

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